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Aaron Meicht and Brendan Dougherty have been collaborators since 1997, when they met in Philadelphia. Since then they have played together in such groups as Feigner, The Meicht Group, the OURSONGISLONG ensemble and several other collaborations with composers, theater directors and dance companies. Recently the AB Duo has brought its music to stages in Germany (Berlin, Cologne, Munich) France (Paris) and America (NYC).
AB Duo
Brendan Dougherty
Aaron Meicht

Too Much for a Pogie by AB Duo
Tunebook by Jeremy Woodruff
(realized by AB Duo)

Created in New York City and Berlin, Germany
July-September 2007 (Pogie)
July-November 2008 (Tunebook)

6 tracks - 57:59

SCR 53414


1. Too Much for a Pogie, part 1
2. Too Much for a Pogie, part 2
3. Too Much for a Pogie, part 3
4. Too Much for a Pogie, part 4
5. Tunebook A
6. Tunebook B

Too Much for a Pogie by AB Duo. Tunebook by Jeremy Woodruff (realized by AB Duo). Tunebook includes recordings of Seth Meicht and Jeremy Woodruff on saxophones and flute. Created in New York City and Berlin, Germany from July-September 2007 (Pogie) and July-November 2008 (Tunebook).

Tunebook A is dedicated to Harris Wulfson (1974-2008).

AB Duo
Brendan Dougherty - drums
Aaron Meicht - trumpet

tracks 1-6 recorded by Dougherty in New York, NY 17 June 2005; tracks 1-6 mixed by Dougherty in Berlin, Germany May-July 2006; track 7 recorded by George Whittam of ElDorado Recording Services live at C.O.M.A. at ABC no Rio in New York, NY 18 June 2005

7 tracks - 60:43

SCR 53411 (2006)
1. Axum/Moxos
2. Wiesbaden/Cleopatra Selene
3. Daru/Onjo
4. Almagest/Hyginus
5. Rabbah/Vandals & Sarmatians
6. Thrasamund/Euphemius
7. view (s***d (lightly)) tumble

Everyone Is Happy was the second release of the Duo and is completely acoustic. The album features intense silences and rhythmic pulses which reappear throughout the album, carrying on for inappropriate lengths, almost autistic. The first six tracks come from a studio recording in New York recorded by the Duo. The second half of the record was recorded live at the C.O.M.A. series at the legendary ABC no Rio in NYC.
AB Duo
Brendan Dougherty - drums, electronics
Aaron Meicht - trumpet, electronics

recorded by Meicht in Philadelphia, PA 5 June 2004; mixed by Dougherty in Berlin, Germany September 2004

5 tracks - 57:34

SCR 53409 (2004)
1. Wyatt as Stephen 3:26
2. Recktall Brown's Black Servant Fuller 15:48
3. Basil Valentine 12:01
4. Otto as Gordon 10:51
5. Reverend Gwyon 15:23

The recording of Cardboard Keyboard took place in Philadelphia during the summer of 2004. The process of recording was taken on as an extension of the Duo's collaboration; Aaron engineered the recording sessions in Philadelphia and Brendan later mixed the tracks Berlin. The title of the recording refers to the William Gaddis novel The Recognitions which was a source of inspiration for the music of the Duo. The instrumentation is trumpet, drums, and computers.